The prices on 1 Gb fiberoptic Ethernet have plummeted over the past few years now that businesses are using 10 Gbe, 40 Gbe and 100 Gbe. You can steal used equipment on eBay but if you would prefer to buy commercial here are some options, note that there is a lengthy discussion on Computer Audiophile:

Its as easy as 1,2,3

Switch: I’d seriously consider: SFP modules: get a few 1000base-SX -these work with multimode LC-LC cables OM3 grade – often aqua colored, you can also consider 1000base-LX with single mode LC-LC cabled – often yellow colored. Be sure both ends are either 1000base-SX *or* 1000base-LX. A switch can have both on different ports. NIC: Either Intel x520 with a PC *or* a ClearFog base Regarding switch, I have a generic 8 port switch that I purchased on for <$100 but not worth the trouble for most people. Alternatively: This site: is a good source for cables and SFP units at reasonable prices and with excellent service.